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I write the occasional fanfiction and post it here. Please read the posted descriptions and ratings and don't read anything that you don't think that you would like or that might get you into trouble with someone. Thanks muchly!

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Latest update: Accounting for Tastes [18 July 2009]


Mile High Club. Michael Vaughn/Julian Sark. TV PG SV. 541 words. Based on episode 3x15 (Façade). If there's no sex in your violence, you're not doing it right ...


Relics. Erasmus/Lio. PG. 3,181. Written for comixologist for the Yuletide 2008 challenge. Missing leaves, detective vlor and two clueless fraas.

Baby-sitters Club

GSA. Kristy Thomas/Cokie Mason. PG. 5,159 words. Written for Short Takes. How can Kristy keep Cokie Mason from ruining her latest great idea?

Karen's Prom Dress. Kristy Thomas/Karen Brewer. PG. 4,205 words. Written for Short Takes. Karen wants to be just like her stepsister, Kristy. Or maybe she wants something else.

Loosening Up. Jessi Ramsey/Mallory Pike. G. 614 words. Written for Short Takes. A walk in the park.

A Matter of Interpretation. Mary Anne Spier/Mallory Pike. G. 1,837 words. Written for Short Takes. Revision.

Mary Anne and the Original Problem Children. Gen. G. Crossover with the Bible. 4,112 words. Written for Ari in my New Years Challengeathon. Janine's extra-credit time machine lands Mary Anne with a pair of interesting sitting charges: Cain and Abel.

Tie/Dye. Dawn Schafer/Sunny Winslow. NC-17. 3.363 words. Written for Short Takes. Magic. Anger. Sex. Rainbows.

Becket, or the Honor of God

Some Nights in Norman England. Thomas Becket/Henry Plantagenet. R. 550 words. Some nights, all the drinking and carousing that are to be had in England are not enough to satisfy Henry Plantagenet.

Dante's Divine Comedy

Canto VIII and a half. Gen. Poetry. Written for class. Dante and Virgil meet the souls in Purgatory atoning for their tackiness.

Matters Then Befitting Well. Homer/Virgil/Dante. NC-17. Inferno canon (Canto IV). 589 words. Poets and their protégés share a languid afternoon in Limbo.

Gone With the Wind

Loved I Not Honor. Gen. G. 1,031 words. Written for Yahtzee for the Yuletide 2005 challenge. Missing scene. Rhett meets Melanie for the first time after she and Ashley move to Atlanta.

Harry Potter

Carefully Cultivated Narcissus. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. NC-17. 1,739 words. Written for the Pornish Pixies fantasy fest. A hot cup of sex in the morning, with a Polyjuice twist.

Oblivion. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. PG-13 for some sexuality and nudity. 7th year (written after Goblet of Fire). 1,801 words. Harry forgot. Draco remembers.

Leading With Blood. Sanguini the Vampire/Eldred Worple. NC-17 for sexuality and vampirism. 1,090 words. Written for the Pornish Pixies fantasy fest. Worple draws Sanguini out. Sanguini draws Worple in.

Some Wounds Go Skin Deep. Draco Malfoy. Gen. PG. 1,906 words. 5th year (written after Order of the Phoenix). Draco Malfoy would rather die than admit what he and Harry Potter have in common now.

With Honey. Bellatrix Lestrange/Ginny Weasley. NC-17. 1100 words. Written for the Pornish Pixies fantasy fest. Bellatrix knows what she wants and how to get it. Ginny thinks she can't be trapped, until it's too late.

Lord of the Rings

Gandalf, They Used to Call Me. Gandalf the White/Peregrin Took. PG-13. 323 words. Return of the King (movieverse) canon. A hobbit can still surprise Gandalf, that night in Minas Tirith.


First Axiom of Slash. Our Hero/His Trusty Sidekick. G. 430 words. A silly meta commentary on the unintended consequences of gender imbalances.

Towering Lust. Written for Jeff for my New Years Challengeathon. Architecture. PG for suggestiveness. 1,224 words. The NYU building formerly known as the Main Building finds comfort from a another building that understands.

Nobuta wo Produce

Sweets to the Sweet. G. 1,342 words. Written for jed for the 2006 Yuletide challenge. In Japan it is traditional for women to give chocolates to men on Valentine's Day.

The Once and Future King

The Rare Sweetness of Shared Apples. Kay/Wart. NC-17 for sexuality. 1,932 words. Kay is a posturing, swaggering bastard, but Wart loves him for it anyway. Elements of non-con and quasi-incest.

Prince of Tennis

Boys Who Wear Glasses. Inui Sadaharu/Tezuka Kunimitsu. PG. 8,555 words. Tezuka takes over the Seigaku quiz bowl club. Inui joins him.

Mirror Writing. Inui Sadaharu/Tezuka Kunimitsu. NC-17. 637 words. Excerpts from Inui's 'Tezuka Kunimitsu, Quiz Bowl' notebook. Note: This fic is a companion to Boys Who Wear Glasses.

Cat Toys. Echizen Ryoma/Kaidoh Kaoru/Karupin. PG. Kaidoh likes kitties. Ryoma likes Kaidoh. Karupin likes new toys.

Desirable Properties. Tezuka Kunimitsu/Echizen Ryoma. PG. 1,774 words. "Sex slavery?" Fuji said brightly. "That sounds like an excellent idea."

Five Ways Inui Made Tezuka Cry: a Sims doujinshi. Inui Sadaharu/Tezuka Kunimitsu. PG-13. 5 pages. Some Sims silliness.

Popups. Inui Sadaharu/Tezuka Kunimitsu. NC-17. 2,216 words. Tezuka is experiencing technical difficulties.

Who I Did On My Summer Vacation. Inui Sadaharu/Kaidoh Kaoru. R. 1,700 words. Kaidoh's mother just can't understand why her son doesn't want her to invite his boyfriend along on their family vacation ...

Real Person Slash

Ways to Get Back at Stephen Fry by Alan Davies aged 39½. Alan Davies/Stephen Fry. NC-17 for sexuality. 350 words. Further disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is not actually by Alan Davies. It does not purport to be fact.

Sherlock Holmes

Mutual Satisfaction. Sherlock Holmes/John Watson. G. 3,539 words. Written for Hathaldir for the 2004 Yuletide challenge. "And though it be self-indulgent, foolish, the romantic extravagance or a romantic old man, I cannot help but desire to put into a few words the account of the one case, of which I would never dream of breathing a word to a living soul under any circumstances, in which I was able to not only aid and comfort my friend, but to beat him at his own game, besides."

The Whipping Boy

Accounting for Tastes. Jemmy/Horace. NC-17. 1,295 words. Written for kink bingo 2009 (Kink: caning). "In this room I am not a prince, therefore it is permissible for you to strike me," Horace recited hastily.

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